Below contents are from our original proposal document written to Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Govt. of India) during the formation of the NGO. We encourage you to please read, understand and align with our vision, in case the vision resonates with you.

Motivation : We are approximately 1.25 billion people in India and almost 7 billion people in the world. We all rely on the same non-renewable resources be it fossil fuel or the most vital water which exist and provided by our mother earth. These resources are almost constant and cannot be created or increased (in near future) but can only be consumed and this is what we are doing, we are consuming it seconds after seconds.

The faster we consume the faster we are depleting them and getting rid of them which is not a good news because in a matter of some decades we will run out of many such non-renewable resources which then have to be replaced with some other alternative resources about which we are still researching and the future doesn’t seems bright there.

Today we are consuming resources so faster that tomorrow our children will question us – what have you left for us?

Not only this, the faster we are exploiting our resources, the faster we are introducing pollution in our environment and we are adding pollution in all possible ways. Although nature has its own cycle of handling pollution but such a tremendous pollution which we generate even nature can’t purify and neutralize.

There are renewable resources as well like we can grow more plants and trees etc. but the rate by which we consume and destroy our ambience we don’t repair it with the same rate.

The question is how many of us in our 1.25 billion Indians or 7 billion world people are aware of the consequences of this bad habit of creating pollution every passing day. Perhaps directly or indirectly many of us know this but how many of us acts and try getting rid of such habits of over-consumption. So, atleast we can teach our new buds about how to preserve their only home “earth” starting from now and in future.

Although there are many media already creating awareness about controlling pollution but we need more and more such people, such bodies, we need more frequent reminders to each and every citizen of the world and tell them about the consequences we all have to face in the very near future itself, I believe some of us will still be alive to see the disastrous effects of our past wrong doings.

No matter how many NGOs are engaged in this activity and working towards the same goal of creating awareness, unless the awareness is placed into everyone’s mind and heart the target is not accomplished, unless the pollution is not under control and nature balance is not restored the target is not accomplished and not only this we have to have groups working consistently to sustain this information in society and to keep the awareness in minds of people in future also. Such that every new born should get a habit of saving our environment.

We the NGO “Earth Citizen” want to play a key role in creating this awareness in people’s mind, by visiting schools, colleges and road show and if we can create awareness in even one people then that people can help us in carrying the message further in the society and we can have a multiplied results.

We want to play a crucial role in saving trees, growing trees, saving our air, saving water, saving soil and saving environment and saving the one and only our home earth.

Our only aim is to save earth and make earth a livable place for all citizens of earth. We say “citizen of earth” here because we are not limited by our states or countries boundary. The illusion of borders created by humans is followed only by humans. For air, water, sky, clouds, birds and free souls free minds there are no borders.

We want that every single living being should feel earth as a livable place and gets its space. Earth is not just for humans but innumerable number of species which lives on earth. It’s not just for people living luxurious life but also who walks bare feet, even they should be able to live comfortably and happily with whatever possession they have but to get that we have to restore the environment.

We are earth people, we are earthians, we are humans and above all we are children of god and we have same parent mother earth.

We should let live each and every organism on earth and maintain the nature's balance because we are wise humans and we are the one who have disrupted the balance of nature, which is essential not just for humans but uncountable species.

We will not be bound by our states or countries while putting our effort, here we don’t have any religions or regions, we are simply "the earthians", we speak same language and we share same understanding and goal.

We are the police of the earth and we belong to earth and our ultimate aim is to save EARTH our one and only home.