We are Earthians Environment Awareness Services Organization (in short "Earthians"), registered as Section-8 company (not-for-profit) NGO under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

We create environmental awareness in people’s mind, by visiting schools, colleges and road shows and while doing so we expect that whoever understands our intention should further help us in carrying the message in the society such that we can have compounded result.

Every single living being should feel earth as a livable place and gets its piece of rightful share/space. Earth is not just for humans but also for those innumerable species (other than humans) which live on earth.

It is not just for people living luxurious life but also who walks bare feet, everyone should be able to live comfortably and happily with whatever possession they have and to achieve that we have to restore the environment by whatever fair means possible.

Below contents are from our original proposal document written to Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Govt. of India) during the formation of the NGO. We encourage you to please read, understand and align with our vision, in case the vision resonates with you.

Motivation : We are approximately 1.25 billion people in India and almost 7 billion people in the world. We all rely on the same non-renewable resources be it fossil fuel or the most vital water which exist and provided by our mother earth. These resources are almost constant and cannot be created or increased (in near future) but can only be consumed and this is what we are doing, we are consuming it seconds after seconds.