We are Earthians Environment Awareness Services Organization (in short "Earthians"), registered as Section-8 company (not-for-profit) NGO under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

We create environmental awareness in people’s mind, by visiting schools, colleges and road shows and while doing so we expect that whoever understands our intention should further help us in carrying the message in the society such that we can have compounded result.

We play a key role in saving trees, growing new trees, saving our air, water, soil and eventually environment and saving the one and only home - "Earth".

We help in saving earthly resources by creating awareness about environmental protection and improvement, saving (and helping others to save) environmental resources by creating awareness among masses (and self-effort) to make earth a livable place for all citizens/creatures on earth.

We invite to have long-term associations with various organizations to successfully keep under control and possibly reverse the negative impact of climate change and work towards the betterment of environment gradually by our collective initiatives.

Help yourself by helping us in our initiatives. Help us by explaining to your family and friends about our book donation, paper and environment saving initiatives. And if you like, suggest us more such initiatives which you think are important/relevant and we will work successfully towards those goals. What we need is a little motivation and support.